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My pursuit of reading!

  • Sep. 15th, 2008 at 10:07 PM

I’m a student. I study history. So I’m supposed to read a lot. And God knows I don’t lack things to read. In fact I have several books that were supposed to have been read months ago and they’re piling up. But somehow I don’t get the reading done that I’m suppose to. Not that I don’t want to cause I like reading and I think the subjects are interesting. I make my so-called “reading-plans” one week at a time but at the end of the week the plan has somehow not been accomplished. So I try to analyse my days. Sunday I set my goal to 40 pages in my history of violence course. I make myself comfortable in my bed and start reading. It goes very well until I begin to feel really sleepy. Of course I know I’m not supposed to sleep so I wipe my eyes and slap myself on the cheeks to stay awake. Ten minutes later though, I naively let myself close my eyes for five minutes as long as I promise myself that it’s gonna be those five minutes only. However, two hours later I wake up and realise all the time I have lost on nothing. At this point I’m hungry and have to make dinner and afterwards all the good shows on TV starts and there’s no chance of getting any reading done for the rest of the day. I however promise myself that I will make all this up on Monday. Monday arrives and I wake up at seven. I look at the clock… naah. Could do with one more hour. At ten I wake up again and curse myself to hell. I have classes at twelve and there’s no way I’m gonna get any reading done by that time when I have to wash my hair, pick out the clothes I’m gonna wear and do the dishes in order to get some breakfast. But after class I promise myself I will read. After class however my friend persuades me to go shopping with her. And how can I say no? We’ve been planning this for ages and finally we have time. Off we go!
Tuesday I’m supposed to have class at nine but I miss it as I am being held hostage by my bed until ten. Again!! I get up kinda pissed at myself and find out to my deepest regret that I ate the last of my breakfast yesterday. I’m forced to go out and shop for groceries. I go to the basar only to find out it is closed Tuesdays. Crap!! I go to another store but remember that I only brought the exact amount to buy the necessary things at the basar and everyone knows that the basar is much cheaper and so now I don’t have enough money to buy what I need. I buy what I can instead and go home. My friend comes over and we have a snack. When she goes I go online. I mean I have to check my mail don’t I? Besides now I don’t have anything to do for the rest of the day so there’s plenty of time to read later. By the time I’ve checked my mail, checked the last on sale prices at H&M and played a fashion game on king.com I remember that I have a date with my friends down town at three. Crap!! I promise myself that I’ll only stay for an hour and then rush home to read. This does not happen however, cause my friend tells me during our meeting that there’s CD and DVD sale and we quickly go. Quickly is maybe a bit of an underestimation. Not only do I spend too much time there but also too much money. Despite the sale! By the time I get home it’s the same old story.. it’s dinner time, then it’s TV time and then it’s bed time. And that’s that day gone by. Wednesday I simply have to go to the council office to register for my holiday salary. It can only be paid if I register with the council. I know there’s gonna be a lot of waiting time and happily and self-satisfied I plan to bring my book and THEN read. But once I get there the reading just ain’t all that appealing and I decide to call my friend. We talk for a while and then I call my mom. She tells me she needs something for her computer and I tell her that I know where one of those can be found very cheaply. I promise to get it for her. On my way home I think about how much reading I have done and the black cloud of guilt expands over my head. I reach home and now I sit here writing this, wondering… is this normal or is it just me? Am I a bad and lazy student?


vanbakachen wrote:
Nov. 10th, 2008 11:45 pm (UTC)
du er en normal elev darling.. sådan er det bare nogen gange for os i nunu familien:) Du skal nok klare det og du er allerede nået langt med dit eiv læsning so no worries :)
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